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Our Science Teachers
  Erika Bolger (562) 434-7411 ex: 2112 Teacher
  Jessica Castellanos (562) 434-7411 ex: 2207 Teacher
  Sean Charles (562) 434-7411 ex: 2114 Teacher
  Kenireta Sula (562) 434-7411 ex: 2706 Teacher
  Brian Tom (562) 434-7411 ex: 2109 Teacher

Curriculum by Grade:

In the Science curriculum at Rogers, we focus on several different subjects. In 6th Grade, we cover Earth Science. In 7th Grade, we cover Biology. Finally, in 8th Grade, we cover Physical Science.


School-wide Science Competitions:

Hot air balloon building and launching towards the end of the fall semester. 2-liter bottle rocket building and launching towards the end of the spring semester.


Science Fair:

The Science Fair extends from 6th to 8th Grade. There are various choices, including the Traditional Experiment, a Rube Goldberg Machine, and a Science Fiction Story.