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Spanish Elective

The Spanish Empire


18th century spanish empire




Linguistic and cultural influences remain from the expansion of the vast Spanish Empire in the 18th century.


In the Spanish elective (formally called Spanish 1-2), students who are new to the language will become comfortable with simple sentences in written and spoken Spanish. The class covers vocabulary and word usages as well as syntax.


One important thing about Spanish 1-2 is that the class counts as for one year for the a-g requirements. This means it it a good way to get a head start on filling the entrance requirements most 4-year colleges have.


Just as they would in any beginning language class, students who take Spanish are expected to learn to express and understand likes and dislikes, greetings, introductions, commonly used phrases or observations made in conversation, and make requests. Additionally, they should have some ability to share information, although it is expected that speech will be broken and grammar imprecise. All of these things will require a certain amount of cultural knowledge to be effective, so content will include cultural rules as well and verbal skills. For more general information on the guidelines for a first-year language class, look under "Stage I" in Language Learning Continuum Five Stages for Posters.


An important resource is Realidades, published by Prentice Hall in 2004. The intention is that it will be used in addition to activities, electronic resources, and content such as print resources or audio that was originally created in Spanish.

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The following links are taken from the LBUSD web site on foreign languages. More information on foreign language classes in general can be found here.

Detailed information of the Spanish 1-2 curriculum.