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Browning Classrooms

2102 Ms. Waldenfels
2103 Ms. Bolger / Ms. Zeineddine
2104 Mr. Shade
2105 Ms. Klements
2106 Mr. Lynn
2107 Mr. Rugeroni
2109 Ms. Larsen
2110 Ms. Armstrong
2111 Mr. Moran
2112 Ms. Thomas
2113 Resource Classroom
2114 Administrative Classroom


Measure E

letter to parents from admin

measure e update


The Bungalows Are Coming, The Bungalows Are Coming!


Just as fall arrives in the form of cooler weather and some rain, so arrives the first four interim housing units which will become classrooms when students and staff return to Rogers early next year from winter recess.  This process will continue until eight such structures are installed and fitted out for use. Last to be installed will be a bathroom facility at the southern end of the blacktop. That building will house separate restrooms for both students and faculty. The bathroom installation will require some trenching to connect to existing water and sewage lines, which may alter access to the campus from Nieto. We will send out a schoolwide message prior to any closure of that gate. 


In addition to the classroom buildings, you may have noticed the blue fenced area now occupying the northern end of our field. This is the contractors’ staging area. In our ongoing efforts to keep students, staff, and the workers on-site safe and separate, we will only be opening the Appian Way gate (the large one through which when open fully cars can pass through) on Monday mornings between the hours of 8:30 AM and 8:55 AM to facilitate the drop-off of recycling items to our Green Team members. The rest of the Monday school day and every day through the remainder of each week, that gate will be closed to all persons except the construction workers. Please make appropriate plans to use an alternative entrance/exit to the campus—the gates at the front of the school on Monrovia or the gate at the stairs on Nieto. Your cooperation will ensure the safety of all involved.


contractor staging area
 Measure E projects specific to Rogers

Dear Rogers Families,


On March 15, 2017, changes to the Measure E implementation plan were presented to the LBUSD Board of Education. During the presentation it was announced that the entire Rogers’s staff and student population will no longer be moving to the Mary Butler site for the 2018-2019 school year. The new plan calls for interim housing to be placed at Rogers beginning this summer, 2017. In January of 2018, the classrooms and offices housed in our main building will relocate to those temporary buildings. The resulting loss of classroom space will necessitate the grade eight class of 2017-2018— our current grade seven students—be relocated and transported daily to the Browning High School campus for the remainder of the school year.


I realize this news may provoke many questions and possible anxiety regarding our campus, the instructional programs, safety, and so forth. As with the original plan, we are committed to maintaining the high quality teaching and learning environment we enjoy here on the Rogers campus and will create at the Browning site.


While many details of the construction phases and the move are still being considered, we will do our best in keeping you informed of any updates or changes as new information becomes available. Please regularly check our School Loop page and your Loop Mail account for that information. I also invite you to access the following links for updates on the progress of the Measure E implementation plan:


Measure E Webpage


Measure Implementation Plan Board Presentation


Map of Long Beach Unified. Browning is located at 2180 Obispo Avenue near the intersection of Redondo Avenue and Hill Street (lower center section of the map)


Board of Education Workshop Video, March 15, 2017, Update on Measure E


Looking forward to working together through this process,

Doug Jordan



Grade 6 & 7

Bell Schedule

Campus Map


Rogers @ Browning

Grade 8

Bell Schedule

Campus Map


Browning Transportation Form

Measure E MEETING 10/5/17

Measure E

  • New AC, new windows and new blinds
  • Paint a line out in grass; will put artificial turf on field (will happen after Lowell)
  • Start date of construction: October 16th 
  • Portables should be expected beginning of Decemb

Staff Moving Instructions

  • Large blue bin was delivered 6/20/17 - Please PURGE asap
  • Furniture with district tags need equipment transfer (do not purge in blue dumpster)
  • Recycle batteries; no toxic chemicals
  • Moving boxes need labels (different color for Browning vs. Rogers), and pink bag (keyboards, mouse, cables and put name in)
  • Label boxes, put school name & room numbers (i.e, Browning Rm. 2209, Rogers Rm. 600)
  • Only items with labels will get moved; items with NO labels will not be moved
  • Empty the double door cabinets
  • Vertical file cabinets - empty the top two, but can leave the bottom two full
  • No need to pack sturdy boxes and bins and roller carts, just affix a label
  • No need to pack or box the hardcover textbooks, just affix a label
  • Please do not pack phone or fire extinguishers
  • Teachers and staff move all personal items photos, fragile items, coffee cups, non-district furniture, refrigerator and small appliances, plants and animals
  • Moving Dates for Measure E Personnel:
    • Friday, December 29, 2017 - after school dismissal
    • Saturday, December 30, 2017 - start time 7:30am
    • Sunday, December 31, 2017 - start time 7:30am
    • Tuesday, January 2 - Sunday, January 7 - contingent on weather