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Girls Soccer Championship Game

Saturday, 5/7, at 11:00 a.m. at Cabrillo HS

Go Mustangs!

This Month's Rogers Spur Newsletter

SBAC Testing Has Begun

If you'd like to practice, click on the link below:

SBAC Student Practice Interface

Rogers News


                                                                                                      Creating a QR code to link a video to your science project is a great way to integrate technology with your science project. If you choose to include a video with your science project, you must first have your parent or guardian complete and sign a LBUSD Consent and Release from Liability form. Follow the steps below to create a QR code for your video.


To create a QR code:


  1. Before you begin, have your parent or guardian complete and sign an LBUSD Consent and Release from Liability form and return it to your science teacher.
  2. Create your video and upload it to a video hosting website. You can use ,, etc.  Have your parent view your video before uploading it to the internet. You may have to create an account before uploading your video (Get permission from your parent). After you upload your video, make sure to bookmark the webpage so you can access your video (and the web address of your video) later.
  3. Go to and click on “Create Barcodes” at the top of the page.
  4. Copy and paste the URL (Web address) of the webpage where your video is hosted, in the area that says “Please enter URL”
  5. Click “Generate”
  6. A new QR code will be created in the box on the right side of the webpage.
  7. Save and print the QR code.
  8. Check to make sure the QR code links your device to the video. To do this, see the instructions below.


To scan a QR code:


  1. You will need to use a device (smart phone or tablet) and a QR code app.
  2. On your tablet or smart phone, download and install an app that reads QR codes. There are several different apps that can do this. Below are some of the popular (and free) QR code apps.
    1. QR Code Reader (Android)
    2. Barcode Scanner Pro (Android)
    3. Quick Scan (Apple)
    4. Scan (Apple)
  3. Once you have installed the app on your device, open the app and scan the QR code. Your device should automatically display the media linked with the QR code. 
    1. Practice by scanning the QR code below.     It should display the Rogers School Loop Home Page. Try it!



To attach a QR code to your science project display board:                                  


  1. Make sure to follow the steps above to upload your video and create a QR code.
  2. Print your QR code and cut around it (make sure you don’t cut off any portion of the QR code or it will not scan correctly)
  3. Check to make sure your QR code works by scanning it with your device.
  4. Find a place on your display board to attach your QR code. Make sure you clearly label your QR code. An example of a clearly labeled QR code is “Final video of my Rube Goldberg machine” or “Reverse engineering an alarm clock – A time lapse video”
  5. Once again, you are required to have a parent or guardian complete and sign the LBUSD Consent and Release from Liability form and return it to your science teacher if you use a QR code with your science project display board.

For Current 5th, 6th, & 7th Grade

Application Deadline is May 16, 2016

Contact: Ben Louie at


Green Team is up to big things next year! We will have exciting field trips, guest speakers, build a garden and create the first year of a new elective. Please see Mrs. Weinstein in 503 for an application. Fill it out and return by May 20. Remember to get your teacher recommendations completed too. All grade levels are welcome.


Discover LBCC at an informal gathering in your neighborhood.


Descubrir LBCC en una reunión informal en tu vecindario.


Attention all 8th through 12th Grade Students: Summer School Registration Begins Monday, April 18


All 9th through 12th grade students who are interested in taking summer school classes to make up a grade to meet graduation requirements or to fulfill college entrance requirements must register using our online enrollment system.  The online system will be available starting Monday, April 18.  Summer school registration will continue until 5 p.m. May 15. 


Current 8th through 11th graders also have the opportunity to take a Math Summer Bridge course to help prepare them for the course work that they will study in the coming school year.  These courses include Pre-Algebra, Pre-Geometry and Pre-Intermediate Algebra.  These summer courses will be taken for elective credit, and the grade issued will be a pass/no credit.  This is an excellent opportunity to get a jump start for next year. 


Summer school registration begins with the completion of the application online at  After the application is submitted, the student and parent will receive an email with directions for selecting summer classes.  You should receive this email two to three school days after the application is submitted.


Atención a todos los estudiantes de 8º a 12º grado escolar: Las inscripciones para las clases de verano en las escuelas preparatorias comienzan el lunes 18 de abril


Todos los estudiantes de 9º a 12º grado escolar interesados en asistir a las clases de verano con la finalidad de mejorar una calificación para poder cumplir con los requisitos de graduación o para cumplir con un requisito de admisión universitaria deberán inscribirse a través de nuestro sistema de inscripciones en línea (por Internet). El sistema de inscripciones en línea estará disponible a partir del lunes 18 de abril. Las inscripciones para las clases de verano continuarán hasta el 15 de mayo a las 5pm. 


Los estudiantes que actualmente cursan 8º a 11º grado escolar también tienen la oportunidad de tomar un curso de Math Bridge (Puente de Matemáticas) como parte de su preparación para los cursos que estarán cursando durante el próximo ciclo escolar. Estos cursos incluyen Pre- Álgebra, Pre- Geometría y Pre- Álgebra de Nivel Intermedio. En estos cursos electivos, los estudiantes recibirán como calificación “Pasó/No Crédito”. Esta es una excelente oportunidad para poner en marcha un gran inicio para el próximo ciclo escolar.   


Las inscripciones para las clases de verano se comenzarán llenando la solicitud en línea en Después de enviar la solicitud, el estudiante y los padres del estudiante recibirán un correo electrónico con instrucciones para seleccionar las clases que el estudiante planea tomar durante el verano. El correo electrónico lo recibirán 2-3 días escolares después de haber enviado la solicitud.


School District News


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If a student is absent, please call the office the day of the absence at 562-434-7411. If the student has a medical appt., please bring in the note the next day. Students should not be absent unless they are ill. If students will be absent from school for other reasons, please read, print and complete the document below.



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